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Why "" ?

So I have had many people ask this very question. And, no Jeff L., I did not choose because was taken. The story to this web domain goes back to the late 80's when I met the woman who would become my wife. My wife and I are High School sweethearts. When I first told her about my writing, even as a teenage, I did it with a passion that rang true. She believed, even then, that I would grow up to be a published novelist. Fast forward a little more than a decade, and we were married. I was a successful Therapist, and we working on beginning a family. But I still would wake up at night with ideas for novels that I jotted down. I would tell my wife, often in much too great detail, how a movie or book should have changed a line to make it better. I had written two novels and was mulling over the ideas for a third. And I was ALWAYS looking for the best way to phrase everything! GoDaddy had just starting selling web domains. My wife secretly purchased the domains for DavidScottWeed (.com, .net, .info, etc) AND those for GoodLookingWriter. She then made payments on them for over 10 years. Because she handles the family budget, I never knew about it.

Fast forward another 15 years to 2020. It was a year that none of us are likely to forget. I did not expect to be laid off since I worked in healthcare. However I am not a frontline provider, and the hospital for which I worked made the decision to close their outpatient therapy departments. I didn't have the seniority to be kept as an inpatient therapist. During my furloughed time, my wife encouraged me to write. That was when I penned the first draft of They Only Come At Night (my 4th novel).

That was also when my wife looked at me and asked, "Don't you think it's time we started publishing these?" That started me down this long road to figure out how I was going to become published. As I pursued this dream, I looked at her one night and told her that I'd need to develop a website. She smiled that sweet, knowing smile of hers and disappeared for a few minutes. When she returned, she had a folder in her hand. It contained the paperwork for the web domains that she had purchased some 15 years prior. She patted me on the thigh, told me that she loved me, and then said, "This should help you get started."

So is not some hubris filled moniker. It is the fulfillment of what my wife saw so many years ago. It is the acknowledgment that I could not complete this journey in life without her support and love. It is the awareness that I have someone precious and determined who will always help me to see my dreams become a reality. But most of all, it is a badge of pride that I use professionally to recognize the invisible love who sees me, with all of my flaws, and still calls me a good looking writer. Thanks to my one, true love.

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