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As a new author, there are no major symposiums or lectures that will be occurring in the near future.  However many events are being planned.  Here is where you can keep in touch and find out what's happening next!  Visit regularly to stay up to date and find out when new novels are being released.

They Only Come At Night Signing Party

It was an incredible time of getting to meet readers and talk about my novels.  I loved getting their perspective, and from the looks of things, they loved the food.  I was SHOCKED at the reader who brought her own cake, and I was equally amazed by the charcuterie board that my brother-in-law handmade for the event.  Check out the pictures below.

The Lancaster News Reviews Night

Mac Banks from the Lancaster News has written an article on They Only Come At Night.  You can check it out at the link here.  He did another wonderful review of one of my books!

Book Review

Read an Instagram review of They Only Come At Night!  The.SleepyReader79 has given an unpaid review of the novel.  Just follow the link below.  FYI: There are spoilers so jump to the end of her review to miss any plot twists that you haven't ready yet !

Warrior Drumbeat Article


The local high school did an article on me and Whispering Bones!!  So cool to be published in the local

rags and to have High Schoolers taking note.

Whispering Bones Launch Party!!!


The launch party for Whispering Bones was a huge success.  I am so sorry if you missed it.  You can see pics from the event at this site.

The Lancaster News Reviews Bones

The Lancaster News has written an article on Whispering Bones.  You can check it out at the link here.  Mac Banks did a nice job on it.

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