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They Only Come At Night

     Anna has a problem. As a Night Stalker in Afghanistan, she used darkness to her advantage  getting Special Forces in and out of battle. She willingly flew into any nightmare.  Her beauty and her daring earned her the nickname: an angel in hell. Yet retired, and back home in Colorado, Anna cannot find the peace that she’s hoped for. There is a darkness that enshrouds her, but it’s not the gloom of night through which she stumbles. It’s a blackness deep within her own soul. The nightmares of her youth have merged with the nightmares of war trapping this angel in a different kind of hell. As people are dying in her small hometown, her dreams reflect their deaths like a pale moon in a dark pond. Anna must figure out what’s happening and conquer the demons haunting her before they consume everyone she loves. They Only Come At Night is a thrilling race for Anna to find peace within herself while fighting an ancient spirit who wants to take her town, her family, and her very life.

... in the quiet gloom of her childhood home, Anna knew the fear that longed to twist her dreams into nightmares ...

Whispering Bones

     The residents of Wilmington, North Carolina are facing an unseen menace.  A predator is walking in their midst.  As he secretly divines whispers from another realm, this killer picks his victims and their mode of death.  Detective Bob Standish is the city's only hope.  His supernatural gift of hearing the voices of the dead has helped him solve crimes in the past.  But will it help him this time?  As Bob chases this criminal, his inner voice begins to overwhelm him.  He begins to wonder if his gift is helping him to close in on the killer, or is it consuming him and transforming him into something darker? 

Whispering Bones is a paranormal thriller that follows Bob's search for the truth and an answer to the question that has haunted him his entire existence: can he trust the voices of those who speak into his life?

Whispering Bones has been sold in 8 countries outside of the US.

In the loneliness of the morgue, a single sentence was whispered on the wind: "You were warned."
Kindle Cover for Night tiff version.tif
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